#1004 Monstera Standleyana Albo on pole
  • #1004 Monstera Standleyana Albo on pole

    Not single leaf damage,

    Fully rooted,

    New leaf coming in produces half moons.

    View photos for details.

    Active growth points.


    Details: Plants listed on site will be the exact plant you will receive. All are fully soil rooted and or have tubers. All strings have been transitioned into soil for over 2 months some 6 months plus. Other plants have also been transitioned into soil, no water roots unless stated! All have been recently feed/fertilized for the summer. And all are planted in their appropriate size pots and my special blend of substrate, which includes some of the following ingredients worm castings, organic vermiculite, perlite, orchid bark, and always activated charcoal.