MNP Honeycomb Trellis
  • MNP Honeycomb Trellis

    By popular demand our trellises have been added and are available to the locals!
    Please select CURBSIDE PICKUP in the drop down at checkout.


    This is a pre-order listing.
    Trellises will be completed by Dec 4th 2020 from there we will recieve a notification email that your trellis is complete and ready to schedule in a pickup time.


    MN.Planterella Honeycomb Trellis


    Details: these were made sized to fit in any pot that is 4" none tapered and up.

    Sitting 15.5" above soil line.


    Our machines  are fired up and ready to work!

    So if you would like to get your pre-order heres your chance.


    Right now these will only be available locally for curbside pickup only.

    We are working on packaging for shipping.

    We want to make sure they arrive safely when we do offer it.



      Location is Minneapolis Proper Cleveland area.